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We are, a company proud to be a leading distributor and retailer of high quality, low priced computer systems and equipment for the world’s home, office and educational markets. is our US Site, while is our Canadian site.  With the narrowing of the currency difference between the 2 countries, our two sites have been merged into one.

We were founded in Toronto, Canada in 1988, as a company specializing in the sales of cellular phones.  It was the dawn of an age where cellular telephones were just becoming popular.  Our initial goal was to “sell for less”.  That motto has stayed with us all these years.  Back in that day, the cellular companies used to offer a kickback to the retailers.  We passed that savings on to the customer.  We made plenty of enemies in the business, but delighted thousands of cellular phone buyers by offering the best possible price. Over the years, we expanded our product selection to include automotive accessories, electronic equipment, and finally, computer hardware and complete systems.

We serve the world.   Although based in Toronto, Canada, we also have an office in Montreal, and have a shipping facility and warehouse in Buffalo, New York, USA.  We have sold to China, Australia, Africa, Russia, most of Europe, all of Canada and the United States. 

A clearly defined strategy guides's daily actions.  We want to deliver the most for the least, the best value for the money, the best bang for the buck.  This is a two-part process.  First, we have to secure high quality merchandise.  We do this by shopping around, and comparing different makes and models of hardware.   We then use our plus-twelve years of computer connections, buying power and negotiation skills to pay the lowest amount possible, always passing the savings onto the end-user, our customers.

The second part is when it comes to software.  Microsoft has had a monopoly on the home market computer user for the longest time.  Microsoft software is expensive.  We at Sub300 found that Linux  was the ideal low cost alternative.  One distribution of Linux we found to be the most friendly was Linspire.  For a fraction of the price of Windows, Linspire offered an easy to use interface, and all the capabilities of its more expensive counterpart.  The marriage of Linspire and computer systems was made in heaven.  Linspire allows to include an operating system at the price some others sell their systems with no operating system at all.

For over 15 years, has paid close attention to customers' needs. has a proud history of delivering exceptional results. We not only provide our customers with the absolute best products, technology and service at an affordable price, but we listen to them, respond quickly to their current needs, anticipate future needs, and earn their business every day.

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